Handmade was founded in 2009 by Hala Ashour.
Her idea was to make a business out of her
hobbies of knitting and crochet.
Her aim was to create a place that delivers
to the needs of those who knit and crochet  by providing supplies and patterns
and where interested people can come and
learn the crafts. Parallel to that the
company would offer crochet products
that are practical and look nice in order
to show that crochet can be incorporated
in almost everything and can look modern
and funky. What made us successful
in the past years is the practicality
and durability of our products as well as
the good application of colour in the
form of creative designs.

Handmade gifts

What made us successful in the past years is the practicality and durability of our products as well as the good application of colour in  the form of creative designs. We produce personal as well as home accessories that are mostly crochet (though some are knitted) and  are all produced by girls and women who work for the company. What makes our products unique are the  designs and colours which are carefully chosen by the owner Hala Ashour and the fact that we are always  ready to make any custom order for our clients, so that they can personalize their home accessories to  perfectly fit their style